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Abnormal cold weather is expected in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan – growers are worried

by Grayson Henderson
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EastFruit analysts report that growers and representatives of the greenhouse business in Uzbekistan and Tajikistan are worried about the weather forecast for the coming days. A cold air mass from Russia is expected from January 10 to January 15, 2023.

The air temperature at night can drop to -20-22° C in some regions, which is abnormally cold for these countries. In most horticultural regions, the temperature should not fall below -17° C at night, although this temperature level is very harmful to the fruit and vegetable business.

Obviously, representatives of the greenhouse business that often have issues with access to sufficient volumes of gas may face some problems. A decrease in temperature in greenhouses can lead to an increase in plant diseases, a deterioration in product quality and to lower harvest. This may result in an increase in prices for greenhouse vegetables.

There is also a serious threat to pomegranate trees, which are grown in an open field. Pomegranate has been considered a strategic fruit for Uzbekistan in recent years.

Lemon tree orchards, where lemons and citrus fruits are grown, are in danger, too. However, the prices for local lemons in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan are already critically low this year, which we have already written about many times.

There are also concerns among growers of stone fruits, especially cherries and apricots. In their opinion, critically cold air temperatures for several days in a row can damage some of the fruit buds of stone fruit crops, which can reduce the yield potential of orchards.

Source : East Fruit

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