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Biden’s Afghanistan Policy Turned The World Into Hell: Trump

by Grayson Henderson
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Former President of the United States says that since the day Joe Biden turned a blind eye to America’s dignity in Afghanistan, the world has turned into hell.

Donald Trump said the relinquishment of power and capability of America’s deterrence has led to“many deaths” and boundless chaos in the world.

In a statement, he referred to Joe Biden as“weak, incapable, and corrupt.”

Mr. Trump, pointing to the killing of three American soldiers in an attack by Iranian-backed militias in Jordan, said that the surrender of power and capability of America under Joe Biden’s command has resulted in many deaths terrible suffering and endless turmoil worldwide.

The killing of three American soldiers and the injury of more than 40 of them in Jordan has sparked outrage among many former U.S. officials and members of Congress against the Biden administration.

Trump said that the President of America has given“enemies” of the United States the audacity and capability to create chaos and terror in their own country’s base in Jordan.

He mentioned that some of them will never return to normalcy among more than 40 wounded in the attack on American forces in Jordan.

Trump also added that Joe Biden has dragged America into a“World War III” and this“massacre” will only get worse.

Mr. Trump emphasized that it has never been clearer than now that Joe Biden cannot be the Commander-in-Chief of the United States.

Referring to the U.S. elections, he urged his fellow citizens to oust Joe Biden and his administration from the White House in November of this year,“before they can take more American lives and… it’s too late.”

Trump has repeatedly criticized the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan and the management of this process under the Biden administration. He has also criticized the leaving of American weaponry and equipment in Afghanistan.

Source: MENAFN

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